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Groovy Ancestors

EDM / Trance

Groovy Ancestors (Matt Shearon), personifies the art of progressive EDM. With a soul for percussion at his core, Groovy builds his psychedelic tracks upon a foundation of electro beats, while evolving through and beyond modern EDM expectations. His deep trance-style echoes the emotion and energy of the underground rave scene.

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Groovy Ancestors (Matthew Shearon) was born in Houston Texas on September 1st, 1994 and has lived in Texas his entire life. At the tender age of nine, he began cultivating his skills as a drummer and has continued to develop his prowess as a musician since that time. Along with an early interest in sports, arts and crafting things with his hands, music and beat-conception have remained a constant in his life. Despite suffering a near career-ending injury to his hand and being told by doctors that he may never regain its full use, Groovy triumphed over adversity. Not only has he fully recovered, but he has also vowed to expand his mastery of music and its components. Currently an Austin resident and drummer of several local projects including: Sharks In The Deep End, Aeon Nova, and Vagabond Band, Matthew Shearon has created his most recent and authentic musical persona in Groovy Ancestors. Currently working with Maja Island Music to release his EP titled “?”, Groovy is attempting to be true to his inner artist and make music that “{he} would want to hear”. His music takes listeners into a trance of knee-bending butt-boogey where they are prompted to get down, while Groovy “sits at the steering wheel and sees what comes down the road.”