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Kid Tall

Hip Hop

Native Austinite, kidTall is an emerging force in the Hip Hop scene. He transcends Trap music by combining fresh beats with elements of aggressive rap, resulting in a sound that is both singular and authentic. Tall's knack for freestyle lyrics and crisp tracks provide a unique and captivating texture.

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 Born on November 7th, 1994, native Austin rapper Kid Tall, (Ta’Ron Middleton) has been creating organic Hip-Hop music since 2013. Utilizing a style born out of freestyle battling, Kid Tall has spent the last several years harnessing his natural energy for improvisation, into a more calculated musical production. Coming from a household that divided when he was very young, Kid Tall has taken shelter in his affinity for art and music since his early years. With a background in theatre and voice-acting, Tall is no stranger to the subtleties of performance and wields his skills as a lyricist with mastery. His flows seem to capitulate from a slow to frenzied pace while painting narratives that are both harmonic and revealing of his life-story. Recently, Tall has found himself center stage for a number of performances and has emerged as a pivotal influence in the Austin Hip-Hop scene. Using his lyrics and music as an emotional release, Tall has described his music as “Low-Fi Hip-Hop” stating that at times it has a “bipolar nature”. More than anything, his music manifests itself as an introspective journey through the trials of life, which he hopes will resonate with listeners. His message is simple and universal. “We all have our own storm, but I can make you vibe to it.”