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Lord Meraki

Hip Hop

Lord Meraki is an upstart Austin Hip Hop artist whose style reflects the emotions and triumphs of the human condition. Approaching his songs with the detail and knowledge of a masterful composer, his music and lyrics are balanced to perfection, resulting in a tone that combines classic hip hop styles with a modern mood. 

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Lord Meraki, (Michael Davis Jr) was born on November 11th 1989 in Kansas City Missouri. One of two sons born to Michael Davis, Meraki spent the majority of his childhood travelling between Kansas City and various cities in Texas, the result of his father’s career in the Army. He finally settled in Austin in 2005 and eventually graduated from Mccallum High School. Despite an early immersion in the world of music, (playing the viola until 5th grade and practicing lyrical composition using re-recorded blank cassettes) Lord Meraki was deeply interested in football and basketball as a youth and ultimately went to school in order to pursue these passions at UTEP. While at school, his brother Mo (MoMeRit, an aspiring sound engineer) was admitted to Mediatech in Austin and Meraki quickly dropped out of UTEP and followed suit. During their tenure at Mediatech and working with Arlen Studios, the Davis brothers learned the finer points of production and mixing, which they use with mastery today. Mo still does almost all the mixing and mastering for Meraki’s tracks. Initially performing as the persona of Marvelous Mike D, Meraki recently made the transformation to his current stage personality and just recently had a release party for his EP “Our Ethos”. In tandem with Maja Island Music, Lord Meraki hope to continue adding live performances to his calendar while developing his next project “Intoku”.